Selected Publications

Hero recommendation is formulated as a sequential decision making problem and solved using Monte Carlo Tree Search (UCT).
RecSys, 2018

8207 articles from 48 game research venues are analyzed using network mining and flow visualization, to find 7 dominant sub-communities and 2 major trends (Educational Games and Mixed Reality).
Entertainment Computing, 2018

A spatio-temporal interactive visualization tool, G-Player, is introduced. The heatmap-based tool provides binary operations on generated heat maps to answer complex, sequential queries on players’ behaviors.
DiGRA-FDG, 2016

We present our efforts in designing virtual characters that can exhibit non-verbal behaviors to reflect varying degrees of warmth and competence, two personality traits shown to underlie social judgments and form stereotypical perception. Our experiments show that these dimensions of personality are perceived faithfully by observers.
IVA, 2015

A coordinated multi-view visualization, namely Glyph, is introduced. Designed to allow easy comparison of sequential behavior data, it comprises of two coordinated views that show moment-to-moment data as well as overall accumulated sequence difference. The tool’s utility is demonstrated to understand player behaviors in Wuzzit Trouble, a commercial math game.
FDG, 2015

The Aux technique, introduced in the ECML/PKDD 2012 paper, is extended to other sampling-based algorithms such as Sparse Sampling and FSSS, with theoretical guarantee. Numerical evaluations demonstrate the utility of the proposed technique.
ICAPS, 2014

A novel technique, namely Aux, to enhance UCT with even potentially bad heuristics is proposed. Numerical evaluations demonstrate the utility of the proposed technique.

A framework to construct autonomous assistant, namely CAPIR, is proposed. Experiments show that the method provides near-human performance in collaborating with a human player in a maze game.
AIIDE, 2011

Recent Publications

More Publications

. Towards Affective Drone Swarms in Public Spaces. PubRob 2018, 2018.

PDF Project

. The Art of Drafting: A Team-Oriented Hero Recommendation System for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games. RecSys, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Q-DeckRec: A Fast Deck Recommendation System for Collectible Card Games. CIG, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Towards Affective Drone Swarms: A Preliminary Crowd-Sourced Study. Arxiv preprints, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Hand Gesture Controlled Drones: An Open Source Library. ICDIS, 2018.

PDF Project

. Seagull: A bird’s-eye view of the evolution of technical games research. Entertainment Computing, 2018.

PDF Project

. Interactive Visualization for Understanding of Attention Patterns. Eye Tracking and Visualization, 2017.


. Player Skill Decomposition in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. Meaningful Play, 2016.

Preprint Project

. G-Player: Exploratory Visual Analytics for Accessible Knowledge Discovery. DiGRA-FDG, 2016.

PDF Project

. Modeling warmth and competence in virtual characters. IVA, 2015.


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Behavior Analytics

This project analyzes behavior data (mostly collected from commercial games) to understand latent aspects, such as decision making, strategies, personal preferences, or skills.

Social Robotics

This project investigate the challenge to create robots operating in human-populated environments.

Autonomous Assistance

This project investigates the challenge of building helpers in two-party collaboration.




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  • CISC 6745 Data Visualization: Spring 2018
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